Char­gers/charge con­trol­lers

We have a suit­able charger in our range for every applic­a­tion and for every type of bat­tery. All char­gers meet our high quality stand­ards.
  • BCD805W DC/DC Charger
  • Coolmax SRMV60W MPPT Solar Charger

Easy Charger for Lead Acid, AGM and GEL Bat­teries

The Easy Charger series is char­ac­ter­ized by a good price/per­form­ance ratio.
Equipped with 5-stage char­ging char­ac­ter­istics and numerous safety func­tions, your bat­tery is in good hands.

DC/DC Charger

With the BCD805W you can charge a 24V bat­tery from 12V bat­tery source. The extremely rugged design makes it suit­able for use in trucks and con­struc­tion vehicles.

Input Voltage (VDC)
Output Voltage nom. (VDC)
Max. Charge Cur­rent (ADC)

MPPT Solar Charger

The solar charge con­trol­lers with Max­imum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) get the max­imum power from your solar mod­ules.
The FLEXmax series in com­bin­a­tion with the Out­back inverters are the per­fect pair for com­plete solar sys­tems.