We run a pro­gram of spe­cial equip­ment for the field of defense and dis­aster response. These COTS (com­mer­cial off the shelf) products are optim­ized for:
– tyre and tracked vehicles
– rescue and ambu­lance vehicles
– marine applic­a­tions
– spe­cial forces
– civil pro­tec­tion
  • 10 KW Gasturbine Generator 28VDC
    Gas­tur­bine Gen­er­ator 28V 10 KW Tur­bine Gen­er­ator
  • Netz-/Ladegerät PSBC-Mil 1200
    PSBC-Mil 1200 Power Supply and Charger
  • Spezialprodukt Trickle Charger with Solar Charger
    Trickle Charger with Solar Charger Trickle Charger with Solar Charger
  • Equal­izer Equal­izer
  • Netz-/Ladegerät PSBCDI Mil 1200
    PSBCDI-Mil 1200-24 Dual Input Power Supply and Charger
  • Gasturbine Generator 400VAC
    Gas­tur­bine Gen­er­ator 400VAC 10 KW Tur­bine Gen­er­ator
  • RSW400-MIL Sine Wave Inverter
  • Gateway Uni-Dir­ec­tional Solid State Switch Gateway Uni-Dir­ec­tional and Bi-Dir­ec­tional

Sine wave inverters

Our sine wave inverters meet the fol­lowing stand­ards com­pletely or par­tially: MIL STD 461, MIL STD 810, MIL STD 1275

The mater­ials used are of the highest quality. This guar­an­tees the longevity of the products even under dif­fi­cult envir­on­mental con­di­tions. The devices can be spe­cific­ally adapted if required.

Sine Wave Inverter

The RSW sine wave inverter series is designed for crit­ical applic­a­tions. In par­tic­ular, they fea­ture a high degree of pro­tec­tion IP66 or higher. The RSW400-MIL and RSW1200-MIL models are fan­less and there­fore extremely quiet and main­ten­ance free.

Sine Wave Inverter / Charger

The Combo series con­sists of sine wave inverters with integ­rated charger. Each inverter includes a com­plete power supply system:
- DC/AC Inverter
- Intel­li­gent bat­tery charger
- bypass switch

With devices from the Combo series, small sys­tems as well as large sys­tems up to 30KW (single- and three-phase) can be cre­ated. All para­meters are indi­vidu­ally pro­gram­mable and can be optim­ally adapted to the system require­ments.

Power supply units/char­gers

Our power supply units and char­gers meet the required MIL stand­ards and are char­ac­ter­ized by a high power density. The input is equipped with PFC and allows optimum per­form­ance in the event of poor mains quality/gen­er­ator func­tion. They are fully pro­gram­mable and can be used in sys­tems with or without buffer bat­tery. The mod­ular design allows use in sys­tems with up to ten devices.

Power Supply and Charger

Tur­bine gen­er­ators

As a basis for our tur­bine gen­er­ators we use gas tur­bines with a mech­an­ical power of 10 to 30KW. Diesel or ker­osene can be used as fuel. The gen­er­ators are used in spe­cial applic­a­tions where weight and size are crit­ical. Two ver­sions are avail­able: 28VDC or 400VAC/50Hz. It is pos­sible to obtain only the core, con­sisting of tur­bine and gen­er­ator.

10 KW Tur­bine Gen­er­ator

Solid state switches

The design of the Gateway series solid-state relays is based on pat­ented MOSFET tech­no­logy. Two ver­sions are avail­able: uni­direc­tional and bid­irec­tional. They are fully pro­gram­mable. A gateway replaces the fol­lowing indi­vidual com­pon­ents in your system:
– bat­tery under-voltage and over-voltage pro­tec­tion
– fuse
– on/off switch

Gateway Uni-Dir­ec­tional and Bi-Dir­ec­tional

The Gateway solid-state relays have no mech­an­ical con­tacts. Prob­lems with sparks and deteri­or­ating switching con­tacts are a thing of the past.

Oper­ating Voltage (VDC)
Load Cur­rent (A)

Spezial products

These products have been com­pletely redeveloped according to cus­tomer spe­cific­a­tions. They fulfil exactly the spe­cific­a­tions which are rel­evant for the respective applic­a­tions.


With 24V bat­tery sys­tems con­sisting of two 12V bat­teries, the equal­izing charger per­fectly bal­ances the two bat­teries.
This makes it pos­sible to operate 12V con­sumers dir­ectly from a 24V bat­tery.

Input Voltage (VDC)
Output Voltage (VDC)
Max. Charge Cur­rent (A)

Trickle Charger with Solar Charger

The trickle charger was developed on cus­tomer request. It allows the sim­ul­tan­eous char­ging of 12V and 24V bat­teries. The trickle charger can be powered either from the mains (96VAC-263VAC/47-63Hz) or from a solar panel. This means that bat­teries from parked vehicles, for example, remain autonomous and optim­ally charged over a long period of time. The vehicles remain ready for oper­a­tion. The output of the solar module can be adapted to the applic­a­tion.

Input Voltage
Output Voltage Nom­inal
Cont. Power (W)
Trickle Charger with Solar Charger
Grid 96VAC-263VAC/​47-63Hz
Solarpanel max. OCV 60VDC/​20A
12VDC and 24VDC
Grid 30 and Solar 50
according solapanel size