DC/DC con­verters

A wide range of DC/DC con­verters is avail­able for rail applic­a­tions. The use of high fre­quency tech­no­logy ensures high reli­ab­ility, good effi­ciency and small size.
Standard or cus­tom­ized devices are pos­sible from a few watts up to sev­eral kilo­watts. All con­verters are gal­van­ic­ally isol­ated.
  • Wechselrichter Industrial Standard RISI 2000
    DCCrail3000 Railway High­voltage DC/DC Con­verter
  • DC/DC Wandler DCR500
    DCR500 Railway DC/DC Con­verter
  • DCCrail212 Railway DC/DC Con­verter fully encap­su­lated

Railway DC/DC Con­verter

Railway High­voltage DC/DC Con­verter

As a sup­ple­ment and spe­ci­ality we can also make DC/DC con­verters with high input or output voltages.

Cus­tom­­ized Railway High­­voltage DC/DC Con­verter

Input Voltage (VAC)
Output Voltage (VDC)
Cont. Power (W)

Railway DC/DC Con­verter fully encap­su­lated

We pro­duce sealed con­verters for extremely demanding applic­a­tions. These con­verters provide the highest pro­tec­tion against water and vibra­tions.