DC/DC con­verters

Only tested com­pon­ents are used for all DC/DC con­verters. The use of non-cor­rosive mater­ials enables trouble-free use in harsh con­di­tions, e.g. in ship­ping or industry. For extreme con­di­tions with heat or humidity, the elec­tronics can option­ally be sealed with a spe­cial sealant. The voltage con­verters have a typ­ical ser­vice life of at least 10 years when in daily use. Several spe­cial fil­ters reduce the inter­fer­ence radi­ation.
  • DCHV300 High voltage Con­verters
  • DCCL60 Con­verter Indus­trial Standard
  • Wechselrichter Industrial Standard RISI 1000/1500
    DCHV2000 High voltage Con­verters

Con­verter with wide input voltage range

The DCCW series is char­ac­ter­ized by its wider than average input-voltage range.

Con­verter Indus­trial Standard

We offer a wide range of DC/DC con­verters with standard input and output voltages.
A wide range of options allows per­fect adapt­a­tion to your applic­a­tions.

High voltage Con­verters

The DCHV series DC/DC con­verters are designed for very high voltage applic­a­tions.
Can't find the voltage you are looking for? We can man­u­fac­ture up to a max­imum of 1500V (input or output) for you.

Liquid cooled high voltage Con­verters

The liquid cooled DC/DC con­verters are designed to deliver a quiet, high power density, effi­cient power con­ver­sion solu­tion for enclosed spaces where heat­sink, fan or pure con­vec­tion cooling are not feas­ible. The con­verters are suit­able for use in vehicles, indus­trial auto­ma­tion and sim­ilar applic­a­tions.

Input voltage (VDC)
Output voltage (VDC)
Cont. Power (W)