Tur­bine gen­er­ators

As a basis for our tur­bine gen­er­ators we use gas tur­bines with a mech­an­ical power of 10 to 30KW. Diesel or ker­osene can be used as fuel. The gen­er­ators are used in spe­cial applic­a­tions where weight and size are crit­ical. Two ver­sions are avail­able: 28VDC or 400VAC/50Hz. It is pos­sible to obtain only the core, con­sisting of tur­bine and gen­er­ator.
  • 10 KW Gasturbine Generator 28VDC
    Gas­tur­bine Gen­er­ator 28V 10 KW Tur­bine Gen­er­ator
  • Gasturbine Generator 400VAC
    Gas­tur­bine Gen­er­ator 400VAC 10 KW Tur­bine Gen­er­ator

10 KW Tur­bine Gen­er­ator